A New Dawn On WordPress

Well I did it I uploaded all my Lil Bit Brit Lit on Blogger to WordPress. This seemed like a leap into the dark, the other platform, that so many people in Blogging World seem to be moving to. Lady On Bed Reading

I have for a long time thought about doing this, have read up on it, but decided just to do it and take the plunge into the WordPress World.

Since this Blog Lil Bit Brit Lit is a small Blog I’m not worrying about SEO, crawlers and all that stuff, too much for me and not enough time to figure it out.

So Welcome to my New Blog here.

I’m looking forward to the whole learning curve, as there are so many more features on WordPress.

Take care and see you here.


P.S.  By the way I will actually start posting more Book Reviews.


2 thoughts on “A New Dawn On WordPress”

    1. Thank you Christine. I am so new at this that I only just found that you left a comment, than I wasn’t sure that I knew how to approve it and reply to it. I am learning a lot though and like the capabilities of WordPress.

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